Data Management Plans

Drafting a data management plan is often een requirement when applying for grants, and it can help you in defining and structuring the requirements when handling your datasets.

A good Data Management Plan (DMP) contains the following aspects:

  • Description of the data that you will (re)use and generate during your project
  • Documentation and metadata of your data and code/scripts
  • Storage of your data, both during and after finishing your project
  • Policy about access to your datasets and data-sharing

Different requirements and rules on the format of a DMP apply, depending on the research council, funding agency or organisation where you’re applied for funding. A list of important DMP formats can be found below.

The UBEC can provides assistance in setting up a Data Management Plan.


Horizon2020 requires that both the publication and the linked research data resulting from a project are made available in open access. When data can not be made available due to privacy, security or other reasons, there is an opt-out possibility. More information about the Horizon2020 DMP can be found in the Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020 (pdf).

The template for the DMP of Horizon2020 can be found in the DMPonline Tool, which gives you the opportunity to fill in the requirements in your browser. The tool saves the contents of the fields, making it possible to update your DMP regularly to include new developments. You can share your template with collaborators and export it to different formats.


The DMP that is required for a ZonMW grant is also available in the DMPonline Tool. Instructions on how to fill in the form can be found here (pdf).


Data Archiving and Network Services (DANS) promotes sustainable access to digital research data and is an institute of KNAW and NWO. They have developed a template for a research data management plan (docx).


When applying for a grant with NWO, a section on data management will need to be completed. After funding is awarded, a NWO specific DMP (docx) needs to be drafted for the project.