Data Access Board

The UMCU is in the process of setting up a data access board to evaluate request for access to genomics data. Until the realisation of the centralised UMC Utrecht Data Access Board, the department specific ‘Division of Biomedical Genetics’ (DBG) Data Access Committee can be contacted to process and inform you of all matters regarding data sharing.

Researchers submitting data:

Researchers requesting data:

When applying for data, the following form will be used for the assessment of your request:

The data access flow is visualised in the figure. In the top half of the figure, the application procedure is described (left for the UMC Utrecht researchers submitting data to a repository or publishing data, on the right for researchers applying for access to UMC Utrecht data). For the Devision of Biomedical Genetics, most of the datasets can be found in either ENA or EGA.

The lower part of the figure gives an indication of the application procedure. Please find the corresponding forms in the links below.

For more information or assistance, please fill in the contact form on our website and the committee will contact you shortly.